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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Tuesday...Daily Food Diary

Hello me lovelies

Still today i have the bloating and stomach cramps which i just wish they would disappear but guess not...i am starting to think its the bread because i haven't had it for a long time and just recently i've had it a lot and then these awful cramps started so i am going to cut back and see what happens!!

Here's what my food looked like today on Extra Easy...
Mullerlight Banana & custard yogurt
Chopped banana
1 tsp Maple syrup, drizzled over everything {0.5 Syns}

Cheese & ham toastie made with...
400g Hovis wholemeal nimble bread {HEB}
30g grated Cheese {HEA}
Asda wafer thin ham
2 Kiwi's

Roasted new spuds with celery salt
3 Linda McCartney Red onion & Rosemary sausages
2 tbsp Asda reduced fat salad cream {2 Syns}

Mullerlight Toffee yogurt
1 tsp Maple syrup, drizzled over the banana {0.5 Syns}
Options Belgian choc fudge drink {1.5 Syns}

Total Syns
4.5 Syns

None but this happened yesterday...
Thats all from me today me lovelies and thank you for stopping by here and for any sweet comments you may leave me :)
Till next time...
hugs and xxx

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