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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Friday {15.8.2014}...Daily Food Diary

Hello me lovelies

Today was food shopping day so a busy day for me and Lee, luckily mum watches the boys for us because they don't like shopping so it does make it that little easier for us!
Anyhoo here's a tip: Never go shopping on an empty stomach because you end up getting something to eat that you shouldn't be eating!! Hence the McDonald's!!

Here's what my food looked like today on Extra Easy...

McDonald's Classic chicken snack wrap and half a medium fries {not a ckue about syns}

Batchelors Thai sweet chilli low fat super noodles
Courgette, red onion, mushrooms, grated carrot and 3 Quorn sausages chopped and fried in frylight and added to noodles

2 Rocky roads {HEB}

Total Syns

Not a good day then!! Oh well back on track tomorrow!!
Thats all from me today me lovelies and thank you for stopping by here and for any sweet comments you may leave me :)
Till next time...
hugs and xxx

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