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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Thursday...Daily Food Diary

Hello me lovelies

I got up this morning feeling fabulous, pain free and ready to start my day but very soon after i got up the pains in my knee's and hands kicked in so i was a little gutted but then i thought hey don't let this ruin your day girl!!
So i thought first thing first and that was to have my breakfast so i then could take my tablets for my arthritis {yuk} i so hate taking tablets but hey it has to be done or i would suffer. 
As it was gorgeous outside i decided to sit in the garden to eat my brekki along a cup of coffee but the gutting thing was i had to have full fat milk which i was not happy about because i normally have skimmed milk {don't worry it was measured} but the boys used my milk for their brekki...don't understand why they didn't used the full fat so not a happy bunny with them.
Anyhoo this afternoon after feeding my sister's dog Samson we went to see Lee's {my other half} parents and then onto my parents for tea so we had a very busy day but not tonight we are having a relaxing night watching telly and me writing this post as we speak Lol

Right i think i have waffled on long enough, here's what my meals looked like today...
2 x Weetabix {HEB}
Part of 175ml Full fat milk {HEA}
Chopped apple
Coffee made sweetener and rest of milk allowance 


2 x small jacket spuds
Salad - lettuce, yellow pepper, tomatoes, beetroot, cucumber
2 Eggs
30g Cheddar {5syns}
2 tbsp Asda reduced fat salad cream {2syns}

2 x Alpen light chocolate and fudge bars {6syns}

Total Syns
13 Syns


Right me lovelies thats all from me today and thank you for stopping by here and for any sweet comments you may leave me :)
Till next time...
hugs and xxx

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