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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Chickpea Dahl Loaf...Tried and Tested

Hello me lovelies

I am here today share a recipe for the Chickpea Dahl Loaf which i tried and tested a couple of weeks a go after hearing other slimmers going on about how fabulous this recipe is and then i had a chance to taste this recipe at one of our taster nights at the Slimming World group i attend and thought i want to make this at home so i found the recipe online and off i went...well i made it, ate it and ate some more, love it!! 

Here's what it looks like...
The only bad thing i could say was i wish the curry taste was a little more stronger so the next time i make it, i am going to add some curry powder to make it that bit stronger.

This recipe is Syn Free on...Extra Easy and on Green
Hint: Please make sure your Chickpea dahl is a syn free version...the one i use is Asda Chosen by You Chickpea Dahl!!

Time to cook: 15-20 minutes for the rice                                                       Pre-heat oven to: Gas 5
                        5 minutes to mix the mixture = 45-50 minutes overall
                        25 minutes for loaf

1 pkt Batchelors Mild Curry super rice
1 tin Asda Chosen by You Chickpea dahl
3-4 Eggs {depending on size}, beaten

How to make
1) Make the rice up as directed on the packet.
2) Add the chickpea dahl and the beaten eggs to the made up rice and mix well.
3) Add the mixture to a silicone loaf tin which has been spray with frylight.
4) Now put into the oven for 25 minutes at Gas 5. 

Well i hope you like this recipe as much as i did...let me know what you think??

Thank you for stopping by here and for any sweet comments you may leave me :)
Till later when i will be back with my Daily Food Dairy and Wednesday Weigh-in...fingers crossed i have a good weight loss!!
hugs and xxx

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