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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Slimming World Awards...

Hello me lovelies

I started my Slimming World journey on the 4th June 2014 on the Extra Easy plan which you already know i am loving, anyhoo i wanted to let you know what have achieved so far...

11th June...-4.5lbs
18th June...-4lbs
25 June...-6lbs
2nd July...+1lb
9th July...-1lb

so altogether i have lost...1st 1/2lb {yay!!}

Yes i did get weighed last night but i will share that in another post...promise!!

Here's the awards i have received so far...

1/2 stone award...received 18th June
1 stone award...25th June
Slimmer of the Week...25th June
Slimmer of the Month...25th June

I also received stickers to put onto my book plus 2 fabulous fridge magnets and a cup which all have quote's on...

Magnet 1 says..."together we achieve amazing things"

Magnet 2 says..."Blossom and Bloom"

Cup says..."Nothing tastes as good as slim feels" and "in the world of slimming the greatest lie we can tell ourselves is that "this bit wont matter!!""

Fabulous quotes or what!!!

Now if i can do can you, just believe and have faith in yourself and remember your not alone!!!

Yes i am sooooo proud of myself for what i have achieved so far but then again i have such fabulous support from my little sis Vicky, my friend Dawn and i have the best consultant in the world called Lisa...Heartfelt thanks to every one of you for helping me change my life :)

Right me lovelies that's all for today, thank you for stopping by and for any comments you may leave me :)
Till next me lovelies...
hugs and xxx


  1. Wow! That's brilliant Gemma, I can't believe you've lost over a stone already - well done.

  2. Wow, how have done fabulous.well done pleased for you.glad that you've got a good support system around you too.thats what makes a difference.I'll be following your progress with interest.Big hugs x


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