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Monday, 28 July 2014

Monday...Daily Food Diary

Hello me lovelies

I can't believe i am on my 2nd week of food diary's, its past really quickly and to be honest i am loving it and it keeps me on track, i am also keep an online diary on Instagram so if you would like to follow me on there my name is @thisismylittlejourney and update throughout the day with photo's of what i eat or things i get up too.
I have been sat here today thinking about why i want to lose weight and thought about sharing them with you...
1) For myself because i am not happy with the way i look and feel!!
2) For my otherhalf and my boys because i feel they miss out on so much because of my paranoia and feeling i can not do certain things because of my size. 
3) I have Type 2 Diabetes and i would like to reduce my HbAc1 levels.
4) To live a healthy life.
5) I would love to ride a bike which i have not done in a long time and i mean a long time!!

I love those Classic bikes with the wicker baskets on the front so my aim to get myself one of those for when i have lost lots of weight or maybe that could be my big target weight present to myself...we'll see if i can wait that long Lol

Anyhoo me lovelies i have waffled on long enough, here's what my food looked like today...
Melon Balls and chopped strawberries {free}

Mug Shot Peri Peri Noodles {free}
Muller light smooth toffee yogurt {free}

2 Birds Eye Inspirations Chargrilled fish with thai coconut, lemongrass and chilli {1syn}
1 pkt World Kitchen aromatic thai cous cous {2syns}
Asda ranch salad excluding the sauce and bits {free}

Muller light smooth toffee yogurt with a banana {free}, sprinkled with 1 tsp maple syrup {0.5syns} 1 broken up Alpen light choc & fudge bar and 1 one more bar for snacking on later {HEB}

Total Syns

None today

Thats all from me today me lovelies and thank you for stopping by here and for any sweet comments you may leave me :)
Till next time...
hugs and xxx

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